Sapphire, with its Mohs hardness of 9, second only to diamond, is one of the most valuable and wearable of all gemstones. Famed for its brilliance and rich blue color, sapphire actually occurs in a wide range of fancy colors, including pink, yellow and green. Sapphire includes gems of every color of corundum, except for red, which is classified as ruby. The name corundum comes from the ancient Sanskrit "kuruvindam", while the name "sapphire" comes from the Persian word "safir". Sapphires are seen as the guardians of love. When given as a gift they enhance love and tune your spirits to one another.

Sapphires and corundum gemstones have been used to banish envy and jealousy as well as promote fidelity in marriage. The sapphire family includes a long list of gemstones; color change sapphire, blue star sapphire, black star sapphire, and of course, blue sapphire and fancy sapphire. Sapphire is indeed one of the most popular gems, frequently used in gemstone rings, engagement rings - centerstones and as sapphire melee - and sapphire is very-well suited for all other types of gemstone jewelry, including gemstone earrings, pins and brooches, as well as in necklaces and fine gemstone pendants.


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